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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

A Fascination in Retrospection - A Wanderer's Year 2015

A Fascination in Retrospection - A Wanderer's Year 2015

For me, there's always a fascination in retrospection. 2015 is now a goner (going...going...goner).And how was this year for me as a wanderer, a traveler inwards and outwards?


In the season of severe winter, I roamed the arterial roads of Bengaluru, one day crossing through the city's ever bustling malls and streets, the other day as a humble visitor to Sultan Tipu's Palace. Namma Metro, Averkel Jatre, Bull Temple, Cubbon Park etc, ...My vocabulary kept growing along with the knowledge of this great city's geography !

When dusty heat waves swept through the length and breadth of my great country India, I was at home, embroiled in my own thoughts. Having a terrific family means that one is never unsure of his own abilities ! Then I saw the resilience of a city, Visakhapatnam in the aftermath of cyclone hudhud.

Rains brought the much needed succour and then the family trip. For the first time, I crossed the Vindhyas and Satpuras. Watching all the things go, standing at the door, in a moving train...- That's always truly nice. In Varanasi, I saw how culture and chaos co-existed happily. In Saranath, I saw how the symbolic mantras of 'Om Namah Shivaiah' and 'Om Mane Padma Hum' have complimented each other. I walked on places where great battles were fought but ultimately made way to peace, where the ritual of religion respected the logic of science and vice versa. I saw the might of the Ganges and the grace of the almighty. I saw the death of loyalty in the departure of Lucky !

But Inwards, It all remains the same. Status Quo Ante Bellam, in military parlance, one can say. A work in process..A tale in the making...

Yet, It is not just irony that at this moment, the home is where my heart is, and that's what I consider as my best place...with my family.

Happy New Year !

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Thursday, 3 December 2015

The Fishermen's Day had begun

The Fishermen's Day had begun
(Allegory - Poem) 

" After a numb sleep on an uncomfortable sleeper coach upper berth,
I woke up and looked around like a hungry polar bear with girth.
As the great train slowed down but with an unyielding sound,
I knew that the next stop is the City of Victory,to which most of us are bound.

Then I stood before the door, and here it was, River Krishna in full flow.
The monstrous engine made a screeching halt, honking with a hefty blow.
But, Was it not yesterday that the nature bestowed it's fury on us,
And how come everything is very calm now, that the storm is over thus?

I remember the frightening floods and the marooned houses, the roads and
the rails cutoff, the power being gone, the suffering of a people shunned.
But, now only beauty and peace pervades, like the gentle yet mighty river,
We are made to be stronger and We shall over come with a gentle quiver.

Somewhere down below, two fishermen started their day,
For us all like them, life moves on, however past loving we weigh.
In times of Storm and Calm, We move on like this train,
And Just like for those two fishermen, it is our day and it had just begun."

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@ - On Board 17232 Nsl-Ns Express, Railway Bridge, River Krishna, Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh)
On -22nd of November, 2015

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